New shader pipeline

February 14, 2015
New GPU Module - PointLight Shadows (Dec 09)

Per-pixel point lights casting AA shadows

I’ve been working on my new shader pipeline supporting an unlimited number of lights and shadow sources in both forward and deferred rendering, hardware skinning with unlimited number of bones, multiple surface maps (multiple normal maps, …), point light shadow casting, uniform buffers, and a lot more capabilities.

Only limited by the hardware’s capabilities.

Currently supporting desktop and mobile, OpenGL 1.5 to 4.4+ and OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0, tested on nVidia, Intel, AMD, PowerVR, Windows, OSX, Linux.

Some early test screenshots using a high-poly model for stress testing, more to come.




New GPU Module - PointLight Shadows (Oct 05)New GPU Module - PointLight Shadows 2 (Oct 05)

Testing specular.

New GPU Module - Specular Highlights (Oct 11)

New GPU Module - PointLight Shadows (Dec 09) - cut



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