What can you do with 16Mhz, 8Bits, 2.5KB of RAM, 28KB of ROM and a black-and-white 1bpp 128×64 screen?

A 3D game of course!

Title Screen  

Download the .arduboy file (98KB Turbo version) (Classic version: .arduboy file (100KB) ) to flash the game on your Arduboy.

Or the full .zip file with the printable PDF instruction booklet (600KB) and contains the .hex file to upload using avrdude or your method of choice.

Direct link to the .hex file (Turbo Version with 50% higher FPS)

Direct link to the .hex file (Classic Version)

Or if you need only the instruction booklet (516KB).

Starduino™ © 2019 Stephane Hockenhull
All rights reserved.

For personal use only. Not for redistribution or commercial use, including but not limited to installation on devices by sellers, resellers, and manufacturers. Contact starduino@ (this website) for licensing.


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