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We built an EDM BBQ

October 4, 2019
We built an EDM BBQ

There’s a great article about it on I get to work with great people on amazing projects. Taylor and …Read the Rest

This is the new and improved version with 50% higher FPS. What can you do with 16Mhz, 8Bits, 2.5KB of …Read the Rest

Starduino – 3D Gaming in 28KB – Behind the Pixels

I was looking for an interesting hobby project to hone my AVR assembly skills when I found the Arduboy, a …Read the Rest

Starduino For Arduboy – 3D Gaming Inside 28KB

What can you do with 16Mhz, 8Bits, 2.5KB of RAM, 28KB of ROM and a black-and-white 1bpp 128×64 screen? A …Read the Rest

Bad Duino – Bad Apple!! on Arduino

There’s a bit of a thing going on with people crunching the Bad Apple!! shadow art video and playing it …Read the Rest

New shader pipeline

February 14, 2015
New shader pipeline

I’ve been working on my new shader pipeline supporting an unlimited number of lights and shadow sources in both forward …Read the Rest

Game Boy Tracker Replay Routines Released

This is the audio system and tool that were used in many commercial titles such as Project S-11, Shantae, ESPN …Read the Rest

Hello World, Again

June 7, 2014

I switched to a new blogging software and I’ll be reposting some of the old blog posts. The old-old page …Read the Rest

From >200ms down to a usable 30ms. OpenPandora forum user sebt3 started testing out scaling filter shaders on the SGX530 …Read the Rest

Beta Block Quest

March 31, 2012
Beta Block Quest

An early preview of my new game using a tiled, procedural 3D world engine with a focus on small memory …Read the Rest

Brickster for Game Boy Color

January 26, 2012

I made this little game in 1999 as a first step into Game Boy Color programming. This homebrew game was …Read the Rest

Raytracing in < 2KiB

December 31, 2011

A first prototype for the “4K Executable Graphics” competitions. The executable is 1616 bytes using UPX (2178 bytes uncompressed) including …Read the Rest

Fixing that OpenPandora hinge design

So, after less than 6 months my OpenPandora LCD cable broke so I ordered two new cables and while doing …Read the Rest

Computer Vision Experiment: Barcode Scanner

Some more experimenting with a cheap low quality webcam for extra challenge (Moar with less!). This time its a barcode …Read the Rest

Computer Vision Experiment: 3D scanning on the cheap.

While working on my 3D editor back in 2010, I wrote a custom routine to automatically create a spherical mesh …Read the Rest